A little bit of fun

On Wednesday, CBC had a little contest on Twitter that I took part in. The “Tweets from 2112” contest asked for headlines from the future, and seemed like too much fun to resist. So, I didn’t.

On my way into work (relax – I commute on transit) I rattled off a few.  When I peaked at the #canadawrites hashtag just before entering the office, it was slim pickings. So of course,  I added some more on my lunch break. By then, my fellow creative Canucks had weighed in with their precise prognostications and brief imaginings.

For posterity, here are my contributions:

Jars containing brains of Atwood, Reitman, Ackroyd, Coupland found exploded. Cronenberg’s brain missing, considered suspect.#canadawrites

Ottawa’s first Biotect living building develops acid reflux, no survivors. #canadawrites

Prime Minister elect refuses blood test, opposition fuels speculation she is derived from Pierre Elliott Trudeau DNA sample. #CanadaWrites

AI owned and managed iSent Cloud computing bans human customers for 72 hours, states cat pictures and porn hogging bandwidth. #CanadaWrites

Alberta Tractor-only lanes blocked province wide as GMO wheat gains sentience, fights back. #CanadaWrites

Kitsilano’s last hippie dead at 76. Coroner confirms death a result of complications brought on by zero gravity yoga. #CanadaWrites

Richmond BC to remain submerged after latest tsunami, Feds withhold re-floatation funds. #CanadaWrites
Good enough to win? Who knows, that’s up to the judges. I got a much needed kick in the creative pants which is what I was after.

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